a little about me

Home is west Michigan, near the lake and surrounded by empty spaces. You can find me wandering the woods, curled up with a good book, and 9/10 times holding a steamy cup of coffee. I thrive on starry nights and waking up before the sun. I probably own too many houseplants and I certainly spend too much time and money at goodwill. I’m an old soul. A dreamer. A want-to-be explorer who loves home a little too much to be gone too long.   
I fell in love with photography at age 14, after I received a bright purple camera for Christmas. For months, I took close-up pictures of grasses and raindrops. Five years later, posing my siblings in the backyard has turned into photographing the most magical love stories anywhere and everywhere— documenting everyday moments and once-in-a-lifetime experiences for madly in love couples. Through the years I’ve met the most kind and genuine people that I now call friends, and I owe it all to photography. How lucky when your hobby and passion and job all collide. It’s humbling to a degree I can’t describe and It’s a life I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I'm jaymi

not just a photographer,

for the thoughtful ones

but a storyteller

When you look back at your photos I want you to feel that moment all over again— soaking in the sun, held in the arms of your love, breathing each other in. I believe in photos that help you remember how you felt, not just how you looked. I’ll guide you into a relaxed and comfortable setting where you can love on your person in whatever way feels natural to you. I’ll help pose you as much as you need, but I focus extra attention on snapping photos when you’re just being yourselves. I'll be the documentarian capturing those in-between moments, the unique quirks that tell your story best. The little hand squeezes and reassuring smiles. The whispered jokes and quiet laughter. The things I could never pose. I believe the subtle, easy-to-miss moments are the ones we treasure the deepest.  

capturing how you feel, not just how you look



- Quiet mornings before the sun rises 
- Strong coffee
- Long walks on the 80 acres of land I call home
- My wonderful siblings, my supportive parents, and my precious nieces and nephews
- My faith that has made me who I am
- Local thrift stores
- Good books
- Faithful friends 
- Starry nights sitting on my back deck
- Summer, summer, summer
- Traveling and seeing new places
- Running a business I absolutely adore
- My amazing clients that make every moment worth it

what I love most :


I believe that creative input is vital for creative output, so I always prioritize spending time in nature, reading a good book, following a Bob Ross painting tutorial, hitting up a local thrift store, and exploring a new place. Above all, my best source of creativity is you— It’s the people I meet, the roads they’ve walked, the stories they tell. We all bring something so wildly different and beautiful to this world, and I love reflecting that in my work. 

forests, paintings, and you


Your very presence here on my website, reading what I have to say means the world to me. I’m so humbled I get to call this a career— and even more humbled by your trust. I consider it an honor and a privilege to give you the precious gift of photographs, because I wholeheartedly believe in their importance. When you choose me as your photographer, when you invite me into your inner circle, I promise to be real and vulnerable with you— to offer a fulfilling experience that lasts from the first inquiry to the day you receive your gallery and beyond. I will work tirelessly to edit your photos to reflect the warm and golden magic of your love. I promise to cultivate a space where getting your picture taken feels as natural as breathing.

I’m dying to meet you, learn your story, and tell it the best way I know how— by getting behind the lens. 

the value of photographs

"We found Jaymi browsing for photographers on instagram. We liked her style— which we would describe as candid and moody. We loved her professionalism, personality, and organic talent. We felt comfortable with her even though it can be intimidating to be in front of a camera. Her personality is warm and genuine and inviting. When you book Jaymi you’re in good hands. :) We’re so thankful she captured our day, we will cherish the photos forever."


"Working with Jaymi was wonderful! She made us both feel so comfortable. Even my boyfriend who hates having his picture taken really enjoyed it and the pictures turned out so amazing. I can't recommend her enough!"


"Jaymi is so welcoming and provides a joyful and comfortable experience! Her talents are beyond amazing and she works hard to give you the best pictures possible. I especially love the amount of pictures she gives and the creativity she puts into them!"


"Jaymi is a very adaptable, creative, and outgoing person who makes getting pictures taken (even for people who don’t like them, like my husband) an extremely fun thing to do!"


"Jaymi makes the whole experience so enjoyable and fun! I can’t wait to go back to her again and again! 10 out of 10 and beyond recommend her!"



here to find and capture the truest you—
 the things that make your love stories

like your cool tattoos...

...or your secret handshake

what are you dreaming up?

are the ones about love

the best stories